Crypto NewsAltcoinAnnouncement of PEPE, FLOKI and SUI from Binance!

Announcement of PEPE, FLOKI and SUI from Binance!

Binance SUI has made a new announcement regarding PEPE and FLOKI.

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Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, which made a name for itself with the listing of popular meme tokens PEPE and FLOKI last week, made a new announcement today.

Stating that it added Sui Network's native tokens SUI, FLOKI and PEPE to Binance Convert, Binance allowed its users to trade these new altcoins against Bitcoin (BTC), USDT and other cryptocurrencies with zero fees.

Binance made the following statements in its statement:

“Binance is excited to announce the addition of SUI, FLOKI and PEPE to Binance Convert.

Users can now trade SUI, FLOKI and PEPE with zero fees against BTC, USDT and other cryptos backed by Binance Convert."

Binance listed SUI, FLOKI and PEPE on the exchange at the request of the community last week.

PEPE and FLOKI attracted great interest from whales and investors, and large sums of purchases were made.

This interest caused the price of meme tokens to skyrocket, but these increases in PEPE and FLOKI were short-lived.

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