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Analytics Firm Says “We’re Pessimistic on This Altcoin”, Predicts How Long Markets Will Stay That Way

Cryptocurrency analysis company QCP Capital shared its views on the latest situation of the market. Here are the analysts' opinions.

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QCP Capital analysts have issued a warning about potential sharp price fluctuations in the Ethereum market. They suggest that current conditions in ETH futures could trigger significant volatility in the near future.

Analysts said the following regarding the issue in their statement:

“The market is short Ethereum, which means a sharp move in either direction will be strengthened. This essentially means that the market is sensitive to price changes and can react strongly to any significant move.”

Additionally, analysts noted that there is a strong pessimistic expectation regarding Ethereum's price movements in the near future. “Ethereum risk returns have turned very negative at -12% at the forefront, indicating tense sentiment,” they added.

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Risk reversals, a complex strategy used by traders to take a position in the price direction of an asset while managing the risk of adverse price movements, have shown indicators that point to a bearish outlook for Ethereum, according to analysts.

Analysts also noted that cryptocurrency markets are “becoming increasingly tense as the downside skew in ETH risk reversals runs deeper.” According to analysts, this uneasiness is partly due to macroeconomic conditions.

QCP Capital analysts concluded their opinions as follows:

“We expect this unease to continue as the Iran-Israel conflict evolves. “Risk-off sentiment has also been exacerbated by weakness in US equities.”

*This is not investment advice.

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