Crypto NewsAltcoinAnalytics Firm Names 16 Potential Altcoins to List and Airdrop on Binance

Analytics Firm Names 16 Potential Altcoins to List and Airdrop on Binance

Cryptocurrency analysis company Layergg listed potential listing candidates in its statement. Here are the details.

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Cryptocurrency analytics company Layergg recently published a statement predicting potential altcoin projects that could be listed on Binance in the near future. The company divided these projects into four groups: Newly Added Projects, Frontrunners, Contests, and Potential.

Newly Added Projects:

StakeStone: The airdrop promotion of StakeStone's governance token is currently live on Web3WithBinance. Users can earn points by participating in the Omnichain Carnival campaign.

Solv Protocol (SOLV): 150,000 SOLV Token Airdrop Promotion continues on Web3WithBinance. Points can be earned using the Yield Market or by staking and locking BTCB for SolvBTC.

Babylon (BBN): Babylon, one of the most anticipated projects in the BTC ecosystem, has a new integration with Web3WithBinance. While there are no airdrop promotions, users can potentially be exposed to airdrops by staking BTC on the testnet.

UXLINK (UXLINK): UXLINK rose to the top of social rankings on Dappradar. An Airdrop Promotion is ongoing on Web3WithBinance. According to the analytics company, the scenario could be similar to the NOT listing where there are many UXLINK holders.

Phaver (SOCIAL): Phaver, Lens Protocol's most used dApp, recently integrated with Farscaster. An Airdrop promotion is currently live on Web3WithBinance.

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Prominent ones include StakeStone, Solv Protocol, Babylon, Puffer, Kinza, Gomble and KiloEx.

According to the analytics firm, the contenders are listed as Phaver, UXLINK, zkLink, BEVM, Jumper Exchange and SynFutures.

Potential candidates include KelpDAO, Swell and Particle.

*This is not investment advice.

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