Crypto NewsAltcoinAnalytics Company Reveals 4 Altcoins That Could Be Listed On Binance Launchpool

Analytics Company Reveals 4 Altcoins That Could Be Listed On Binance Launchpool

Cryptocurrency analysis company Layergg listed the altcoins that can be listed on Binance's famous Launchpool platform.

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Cryptocurrency analytics company Layergg has published a statement predicting the next altcoin to be listed at Binance's Launchpool event. The company announced that it is eagerly awaiting the next Launchpool after PORTAL and has identified several projects that could appear as the next Launchpool.

The analysis company used the following criteria when determining these candidates:

  • Powered by influencers
  • tasks on x
  • An upcoming token creation event
  • Announcement that airdrop will be given to those who hold NFT

Layergg recently noted that some influencers, such as Dingaling, seem to be interestingly good at choosing which altcoins Binance can list.

Layergg also pointed out that the latest Launchpool project did not release an exact date until the Launchpool announcement, although the token creation event was imminent. If a token creation event is imminent, the likelihood of a launchpool increases, as seen with PORTAL, NFP, XAI and MANTA.

Since MemeLand (MEME), many projects have adopted the strategy of offering token airdrop to NFT holders, including PIXEL, ALT, MANTA, XAI, and ACE. PIXEL, on the other hand, benefited indirectly from the airdrop.

According to the company, even if there is no token creation activity on the roadmap, projects supported by Binance Labs may suddenly be listed, as seen in the example of ACE and ALT.

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Based on the above criteria, Layergg has identified some Binance Launchpool candidates in its opinion.

  • Ultiverse (ULTC): An upcoming token creation event powered by Binance Labs and Dingaling that has a mission in X and meets the criteria for a confirmed NFT-Airdrop.
  • MON Protocol (MON): Backed by Dingaling and many influencers, has an upcoming token creation event with a mission in X and confirmed NFT-Airdrop criteria. They recently completed the MON presale, which is very similar to the MEME presale.
  • Polyhedra Network (ZKB): Backed by Binance Labs and Binance Incubation with a potential Pandra King NFT-Airdrop strategy. There have been various missions and airdrop events, but today is the last day for the Binance Web3 Wallet and the ongoing airdrop event.
  • Notcoin (NOT): There is a mission on X and an upcoming token creation event.

*This is not investment advice.

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