Crypto NewsAnalysisAnalyst Who Predicted the Last Bottom in Bitcoin Reveals His Next Target

Analyst Who Predicted the Last Bottom in Bitcoin Reveals His Next Target

The analyst, who correctly predicted the bottom point in Bitcoin at the end of 2022, listed his predictions for the future.

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In his latest post, popular Turkish cryptocurrency analyst Kripto Poyraz pointed out the Tweet he sent on November 21, 2022.

In his post at that time, the analyst appears to have said that the bear season was over and the transition to bull mode had begun when the Bitcoin price was $15,600. When the chart is examined, it is observed that the BTC price has indeed bottomed in the specified range and has never fallen to the same level again until today.

The chart showing the price in the period that the analyst mentioned in his post and said that the bear market was expected on November 21, 2022.

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However, in other recent posts by the analyst, he also talked about the expected Bitcoin halving. According to Crypto Poyraz, a very large dump may occur in the close weeks before the halving or in the first two weeks after it, instead of the expected pump. The analyst expects a “sell the news” event to occur. The analyst argues that the real big bull will begin after the dump experienced during the halving period.

In addition, Crypto Poyraz thinks that the critical point for the Bitcoin price is $ 35,000. According to the analyst, current geopolitical events may increase volatility in BTC and put users who prefer to trade in futures in trouble.

*This is not investment advice.

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