Crypto NewsAltcoinAnalyst Warns: These Three Meme Tokens May Be Manipulating!

Analyst Warns: These Three Meme Tokens May Be Manipulating!

According to the analyst, the distributors of these three meme tokens may be manipulating the price by raising funds in advance.

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A cryptocurrency analyst known as X-explore has warned users of potential manipulation by distributors of some meme coins.

In a statement on Twitter, X-explore said it realized that distributors had amassed large funds in meme coins before adding liquidity to the market.

According to X-explore, some meme coins that exhibit similar fundraising behavior have been identified by their distributors as WOJAK (WOJAK), Trad (TRAD), NEET Finance (NEET) and some others.

He said this could indicate that all of these meme coins have been manipulated by the same group of people who aim to pump and dump for profit.

Meme coins are crypto coins inspired by internet caps and jokes. They often have little or no real value or benefits, but they rely on viral marketing and community support to gain popularity and price boosts.

Meme tokens, especially Pepe (PEPE) and finally Good Gensler (GENSLR) have gained popularity lately, but be extremely careful against such new coins because of the possibility of rugpull.

*Not investment advice.

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