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Analyst Warns of Huge Hype SUI! "Buy It At This Price"

All eyes will be on SUI today.

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The altcoin on the agenda of crypto lovers today will be SUI.

SUI, which will be listed on many exchanges at 12.00 UTC, is closely followed by investors. Certain percentages of SUI were distributed as rewards to investors who previously met certain conditions.

While the volatility in SUI is expected to be high at the time of the start of the trade, some traders should buy it right away? Or should I sell now? He’s living his dilemma.

Experts remind that the price is slightly withdrawn after sudden movements in such listings and warn those who like the project and want to buy it should not rush.

Analyst Hal Press, founder of North Rock Digiral, said that the hype in SUI is ballooning and that investors who benefit from any SUI deployment should look at sales.

“SUI is a complete steam product. If you get any allowances, selling for any price over $5 billion is a great one.”

SUI has been allocated to investors at various prices, both as a pre-sale and as a whitelist. Buyers from the sales paid $0.1 for each SUI, while those from the whitelist were eligible to receive SUI for $0.03.

In the initial supply, 528,273,717 SUIs will enter the market. The $5 billion market cap means a valuation of $10 for each SUI can be seen instantly. Accordingly, Hal Press considers a $10 price to be too high a selling price for SUI.

Of course, this is the analyst’s personal opinion. It is of great importance that you make your investment decisions only based on your own research.

*Not Investment Advice.

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