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Analyst Sets Date For $10,000 In Ethereum!

Chris Burniske announced that he expects $10,000 in Ethereum.

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The countdown has begun for the Shanghai upgrade in the largest altcoin Ethereum. In the last two days for Shanghai, ETH is trading below $1,900.

While investors are waiting for $ 2,000 in ETH, Chris Burniske, former crypto analyst at Ark Invest, said he expects $ 10,000 in Ethereum.

Explaining that it continues to rise in Ethereum, contrary to those who expect a major correction in cryptocurrencies and ETH, Burniske stated that he believes ETH is ready for a long-term massive rally.

“To those who are waiting for $1, 10, 100 and $1,000 in Ethereum and negative in ETH: See you at $10,000 in ETH.

This is not what I said in 3 months, but it will be possible in 2025."

Stating that he expects a rally in the wider crypto money market other than ETH, Burniske added that there may be short-term pullbacks in this period.

“In the broader picture, I think the crypto markets are probably ready for a rally.

Of course, there may be short-term pullbacks during this period. But I don't think cryptocurrencies will witness big drops anytime soon."

*Not investment advice.

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