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Analysis Company Announces: “These 12 Altcoins Have a High Degree of Dump Alert”

Cryptocurrency analysis company DYθR shared the altcoins that it claimed had a high dump alert in its statement.

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In a recent study, DYθR published a comprehensive analysis of venture capital (VC) exposure across a range of projects. The study focuses on two key metrics: VC Dominance and dump pressure.

Venture Capital Dominance is determined by comparing the Investor Supply percentage with the median of the Investor Supply percentages. If the Investor Supply percentage is greater than the median, the altcoin is classified as having high VC Dominance. Conversely, if it is lower than the median value, the project has low VC Dominance.

Dump printing is rated based on Unrealized Profit expressed in multiples. Projects with Unrealized Profit greater than the median are categorized as having high dump pressure, while those with Unrealized Profit smaller than the median are considered to have low dump pressure.

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The analysis revealed that projects such as Celestia, Ethena, REZ, OMNI, Altlayer, SEI and SAGA exhibited both high VC Dominance and high dump pressure.

On the other hand, projects like ZETA, Arkham, ONDO, Dymension and Pixels exhibit low VC Dominance but high dump pressure.

*This is not investment advice.

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