Crypto NewsAltcoinAn Upcoming Altcoin Allegedly Stole the Name of Another Popular Altcoin

An Upcoming Altcoin Allegedly Stole the Name of Another Popular Altcoin

The cryptocurrency community is closely following the discussions regarding a ticker between two altcoins.

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The fact that the zkSync (ZK) altcoin, which will be listed on the cryptocurrency exchange Bybit in the coming period, will receive the ZK ticker owned by another altcoin, Polyhedra Network, was not welcomed by some segments of the community.

Polyhedra Network will no longer be able to be bought and sold on Bybit with the ZK ticker.

However, Polyhedra developers accused zkSync altcoin developers of stealing their tickers in their statement. However, there are many people who think that Polyhedra does not deserve the ZK ticker anyway.

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Polyhedra Network was previously known as ZKbridge and had the ticker ZKB. However, it later changed its ticker to ZK after the altcoin was listed on OKX.

Polyhedra developers criticized the situation in their statement on social media platform X:

“It is incredible that even with the approval of the ETH ETF, there are still projects in 2024 that offer advantages to various parties and take away the ticker that others deserve.

Web3 should never have been a breeding ground for bullying.

We believe the community understands the true meaning of equity and justice.

Let's see who will support such abuses and who will be the defender of justice and righteousness.

“You did a great job as a robber and thief, not as a blockchain founder.”

*This is not investment advice.

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