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An Airdrop Is Coming In The Much-Awaited Altcoin: Everyone Is Sharing This Date!

The dates shared on the altcoin, which has been expected to airdrop for a long time, excited the crypto community.

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The new development on the StarkNet (STARK) front, where airdrop news has been expected for a long time, caused excitement.

Official Twitter Accounts of StarkNet Applications Shared the Same Date

Some applications on StarkNet simultaneously made a post that marked the date of April 28, 2023, leading to altcoin airdrop rumors. However, some users also think that this date may mean a snapshot.

In cryptocurrency airdrops, the snapshot is a record of the balance of each blockchain address at a given point in time. It is used to determine who is eligible to receive airdrop tokens based on the current amount of cryptocurrencies they hold in their wallets.

However, a roadmap for StarkNet was recently published. In the roadmap prepared to include the year 2023, the focus of the current development studies was shown as performance and user experience.

According to the roadmap, in 2024 the focus will be on decentralization of operations and decision-making processes. This could mean that the token and airdrop will happen in 2024.

StarkNet is a decentralized layer-2 network that allows Ethereum to scale securely and dapps achieve unlimited scale for transactions and computation.

It uses math and cryptography to securely scale Ethereum by pooling many transactions and transferring them to Ethereum as a single transaction. It works as a Validity-rollup (ie ZK-rollup).

Developers can set up any processing loop on StarkNet using Cairo, a programming language for STARK-proving general computing. StarkNet also provides Ethereum-level extensibility, enabling easy development, innovation and creativity.

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