Crypto NewsAnalysisAmbitious Prediction from Famous Analyst! Latest Status in Bitcoin

Ambitious Prediction from Famous Analyst! Latest Status in Bitcoin

Yassine Elmadjra, a crypto analyst at Ark Invest, made a striking prediction about the future of Bitcoin.

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Yassine Elmandjra of Ark Invest, the leading investment consultancy company in the crypto industry, made an ambitious prediction for Bitcoin.

Commenting on the market on a television channel, Elmandjra underlined the impressive 10-year performance of Bitcoin and said:

"Bitcoin's long-term return to investors has led players to include a little bit of crypto in their portfolios."

"You Didn't Miss The Ship!"

Focusing on the future after the past price action, Ark Invest analyst claimed that investors are still not missing the ship in Bitcoin. Elmandjra thinks that the cryptocurrency will provide high returns in the future, even if the price fluctuations continue.

Following the analyst's comment, the show host asked Elmadjra for a price estimate. The crypto analyst stated that he believes Bitcoin will reach a value of $ 1 million in the medium term, saying:

“My expectation of a 20x increase in BTC price may sound exaggerated. But if you look at where cryptocurrencies started and where they are today, you will see the potential.”

Latest Status in Bitcoin

The largest cryptocurrency by market cap, BTC, is at a critical juncture.

Bitcoin took the breather at $30,000 after surpassing $28,000. According to the daily chart, if the area specified by the blue zone is exceeded, the rise can continue.

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