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Amber Group Allegedly Invested in This Newly Launched Altcoin – Other Whales Also Became Active

Amber Group, an institutional investor, is claimed to have invested in this altcoin, according to onchain data.

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It was reported that the wallet with short address 0x011, believed to be associated with Amber Group, withdrew 499,980 ENA from the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. This transaction marks the first time such a transaction has occurred. Withdrawals worth approximately $445 thousand were made at the ENA price of $0.89.

Interestingly, this move comes on the heels of a 37.11% increase in ENA price in the last 24 hours following the recent launch of the token.

In another notable incident, a new wallet, 0x105, attracted another 6.99 million WOO from Binance. The transaction, worth approximately $3.1 million, was carried out at a WOO price of $0.443.

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This transaction follows the withdrawal of 10,000 WOO worth $4,693 from Binance 22 hours ago. The whale reportedly currently has 7 million WOO, equivalent to $3.1 million.

In another major move, four wallets named 0x0d2, 0x5b6, 0x67e and 0xd82, believed to be associated with Arkham, deposited 6 million ARKM to Binance. Deposits worth approximately $14.6 million were made in the last 6 hours at an average ARKM price of $2.42.

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