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Altcoin’s Price Suddenly Rises 84 Percent as Developers Unstake Huge Amount of Tokens

The developers of the decentralized exchange unstaking a large amount of tokens on their platform, causing an increase in the price.

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Remarkably, the price of Cream Finance's native token, CREAM, has increased by a stunning 82% today.

This sharp increase in price coincided with the unstaking of a significant amount of CREAM tokens.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol Cream Finance unstakes 241,415.5 CREAM tokens worth approximately $4.27 million. After the unstake development, the price of the token interestingly increased by more than 84% in one day.

The largest buyer of the unstakeable tokens was an address known as 'machibigbrother', who received 215,236 CREAM tokens (worth approximately $3.8 million) across two separate addresses.

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Upon receipt of these tokens, 'machibigbrother' deposited all tokens back to Cream Finance. There are currently a total of 326,072 CREAM tokens (worth approximately $7.43 million) staked at this address via Cream Finance.

In addition to 'machibigbrother', 13 other addresses deposited or sold a total of 5,408.65 CREAM tokens (worth approximately $99.2K) on various cryptocurrency exchanges and decentralized exchanges (DEXs), including Binance and

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