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Altcoin, which has risen 20 times in the last month, will be listed on another exchange!

Recently popular altcoin PEPE will be listed on BitMEX.

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PEPE, one of the popular tokens of the last days, has seen an increase of approximately 2,100% since its launch last month and has a market capitalization of $ 502 million.

According to Coindesk's report, PEPE has approximately 75,000 owners holding over $5 million in tokens.

As PEPE continues to grow, news of listings continues to come from exchanges.

First of all, the CEO of the world's largest crypto exchange Binance, CZ, said at the AMA session he attended yesterday that he could not comment on the listings, and that he was not involved in this process.

Stating that it may be possible to list if the interest in the token in question remains high, CZ also said that an altcoin is listed by Binance when there are many users, in demand and when the volume is high.

Although there is no positive light from Binance for PEPE for now, the news of listing came from the derivatives exchange BitMEX.

BitMEX said today that it has listed trading pairs for traders to trade PEPE with leverage of up to 50x.

"Two new permanent listings, PEPE/USD and PEPE/USDT, will arrive on BitMEX tomorrow, May 3, 2023 at 04:00 UTC.

Both with up to 50x leverage."

What is PEPE?

PEPE is a meme token inspired by the famous Pepe the Frog character that has gained huge popularity recently.

PEPE, which recorded a huge rise in a short time, saw an increase of close to 300% immediately after its listing on the OKX exchange.

*Not investment advice.

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