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Alarm On This Altcoin: "We're Gonna Make A Big Announcement Tomorrow, Turn On Your Notifications!"

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The Threshold Network (T) altcoin developer team announced on Twitter that it will have big news tomorrow and asked users to turn on notifications so they don't miss it.

Threshold Network is a decentralized threshold cryptography network that provides and maintains a cryptographic primitive package for various dApps. The network emerged as the product of the protocol merger between Keep Network and NuCypher, which was completed on January 1, 2022 with the launch of the T token.

Threshold Network is listed as a tradable asset on Binance.

Binance also provides research reports on Threshold Network and its products such as tBTC and thUSD.

tBTC is a decentralized BTC asset on the Ethereum network that allows Bitcoin holders to use their BTC in DeFi without intermediaries. It is powered by the Threshold Network's threshold cryptography and relies on a network of stakers that link T tokens as collateral to mint and use tBTC.

thUSD is a 1:1 pegged stablecoin to USD that can be borrowed using BTC or ETH as collateral.

*Not investment advice.

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