Crypto NewsNewsAirdrop Offer For This Altcoin In The Arbitrum Ecosystem Has Been Canceled!

Airdrop Offer For This Altcoin In The Arbitrum Ecosystem Has Been Canceled!

AlienFi, the DeFi platform operating on ARB, announced that it has canceled the previously planned Xirtam token airdrop.

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The pre-airdrop offer (IAO) of the Xirtam token, which is expected to take place on the decentralized exchange AlienFi in the Arbitrum (ARB) ecosystem, has been cancelled.

Although it is not clear who is responsible for the cancellation of the airdrop offer, AlienFi made a statement on its Twitter account and explained the reason for the cancellation to the investors.

According to the post, some malicious people tried to pre-sell investors at more than 3 times the current price, without the knowledge of Xirtam developers. After the incident came to light, Xirtam and AlienFi officials decided to cancel the IAO offer.

Xirtam announced in a post shared on April 20 that it agreed with Fjord Foundry and AlienFi for the airdrop. The pre-sale on Fjord was two-part and closed, while the planned IAO on AlienFi was allowed for all crypto investors to attend.

The airdrop on AlienFi was cancelled, while Fjord Foundry's IAO bid took place between April 23 and 26. According to the data, the total volume of the pre-sale was approximately 4 billion.

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