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After Michael Saylor, Another Billionaire Hints His Interest in Bitcoin – What’s Happening?

Another billionaire name may be interested in Bitcoin. Moreover, the company in question is a name that everyone knows.

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In a recent development, Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies, whose market capitalization exceeds $100 billion, showed potential interest in Bitcoin (BTC).

This interest was hinted at through a series of social media exchanges involving Dell and Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor.

The conversation started when Dell posted a cryptic message on its social media account saying “rarity creates value.” This statement led Saylor, MicroStrategy's executive chairman, to respond: “Bitcoin is a Digital Rarity.” Dell later retweeted Saylor's BTC-friendly post, hinting at possible interest in BTC.

The sharing exchange did not stop there. Dell later shared a digitally altered image of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster, depicting the character consuming Bitcoin instead of cookies. It appears that the image was modified by Saylor and added a humorous twist to the serious cryptocurrency debate.

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Saylor, MicroStrategy's first CEO and now executive chairman, led the company in purchasing 226,331 Bitcoins worth $15 billion over the past four years. The most recent purchase was this week for 11,900 BTC. Saylor has also been a strong advocate for other companies to include Bitcoin on their balance sheets.

However, to date, only a handful of companies have adopted Bitcoin as part of their treasury strategies, and none of them have been as successful as the Saylor-led MicroStrategy.

Dell had $34.6 billion in current assets on its balance sheet as of May 3, of which $5.8 billion was cash and cash equivalents, according to a recent filing. Bitcoin was not mentioned at all in the application.

*This is not investment advice.

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