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After CBOE Announces Bitcoin Spot ETFs Will Start Trading Tomorrow, Why Isn’t the SEC Announcing Approval?

FOX reporter Charles Gasparino examined why the approval announcement of Bitcoin Spot ETFs has not yet been announced by the SEC.

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As it is known, CBOE recently announced that Bitcoin Spot ETFs will start trading on its exchanges tomorrow.

It is known that this development is the last stage before the SEC's approval and that the approval is likely to come.

However, according to FOX Business reporter Charles Gasparino, based on the information he had with a senior executive at one of the companies that applied for BTC Spot ETF, the SEC told the companies that BTC funds would be approved after the markets close in the USA today.

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So the SEC is waiting for the markets to close in the US for the official approval announcement. However, according to Gasparino's post, the senior manager in question added that anything is possible because it is Gary Gensler.

CBOE announced that Bitcoin Spot ETF applications made by many companies will be processed tomorrow. However, no sudden movement was observed in the BTC price after CBOE's statement.

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