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After 10 Years of Sleeping, the Giant Bitcoin Whale Woke Up: Here Are Its Transactions and Profit Ratio

A Bitcoin whale that had been sleeping for nearly 10 years woke up and transferred a large amount of cryptocurrency to two different wallets.

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According to the data of the Whale Alert system, which monitors the daily movements of giant cryptocurrency whales, a large Bitcoin whale that has been sleeping for approximately 10 years woke up from its long sleep and started transferring BTC.

In the transaction that took place today at 13:18 (UTC+3), the whale in question transferred 246 BTC to two different new cryptocurrency wallets. 50 BTC was transferred to one wallet and 196 BTC to the other.

The value of the total BTCs transferred corresponds to approximately 16.70 million dollars.

However, in the wallet of the giant cryptocurrency whale that woke up from sleep, there are 1,455 more Bitcoins after external transfers, and their total value is at the level of 98.73 million dollars.

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According to the data, the whale address in question collected its BTCs in 2013 and 2014. At the time, he paid 1,701 BTC for a total fee of $1.06 million. The total wallet value of the whale before the transfer was approximately 115 million dollars. In the bear season of 2022, its assets decreased to $ 28 million.

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