Crypto NewsAltcoinAave Community Expresses Positive Opinion for Polygon and BNB Networks

Aave Community Expresses Positive Opinion for Polygon and BNB Networks

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The community governance of decentralized crypto lending platform Aave has reached an imprecise consensus for the protocols to operate on two different blockchains.

According to the preliminary vote, the latest version of Aave V3, the Ethereum layer-2 solution Polygon and Binance, whose zkEVM mainnet has been operational recently, has received a positive opinion for the addition of the BNB chain.

The proposal put forward by Marc Zeller, one of the important names of the community, received overwhelming approval. It is worth mentioning here that Zeller has 40% of the total vote share with the tokens in his hand.

For official development to take place in Aave, an improvement proposal, called AIP, must be submitted by the community. Participating in the 6-month testing process in Polygon's zkEVM network, the debt protocol gained great experience in the layer-2 network.

According to a new vote published yesterday, it seems likely that a new one will join the networks to be added. According to the proposal submitted Monday, the community is in the process of deciding to add Starknet to chains where Aave is active. Voting will end on April 10.

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