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A European Investment Company Managing $600 Million Invested Millions of Dollars in This Altcoin

While the bull period continues in the cryptocurrency market, an investment company invested heavily in a popular altcoin.

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Yolo Investments, a venture capital firm with strong interests in games, fintech, blockchain and emerging technologies, recently announced an $8 million investment in Toncoin and the overall TON ecosystem.

Justin Hyun, Director of Growth at TON Foundation, said he is excited to have Yolo Investments join TON:

“Yolo Investments has demonstrated its commitment to the ecosystem by investing in various projects. We believe that the theses of cryptocurrency mass adoption through Telegram, especially the gaming industry, are compatible with our go-to-market strategy. “We look forward to working with Yolo Investments to bring crypto to the masses through platforms like and @wallet, the native crypto wallet within Telegram.”

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Tim Heath, General Partner of Yolo Investments, also commented on the investment:

“We've long supported TON's mission to build a truly decentralized, open-source future, and now we're investing our money in what we're talking about. But beyond our significant investment, we are also committed to deep collaboration, leveraging our many years of experience in this field to help TON further develop its web3 SuperApp, which transforms the way people spend, save and play.”

Yolo Investments has approximately €620 million in assets under management.

*This is not investment advice.

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