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A European Country Announces It Is Considering Investing In Bitcoin And Getting Paid In BTC!

The leader of a European country reported that they are considering investing in Bitcoin and getting paid in BTC in the future.

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Daniel Risch, head of the Liechtenstein government, said in an interview that there is a possibility of paying with Bitcoin in the future and that they can also accept Bitcoin deposits.

"I'm Open to Invest in Bitcoin with Government Funds"

According to Risch, citizens in Liechtenstein will be able to pay for certain government services with Bitcoin in the future. Raisch also said that he is open to Bitcoin and crypto money investments to be made by government funds. However, he did not give a concrete timeline.

According to Risch, Bitcoin revenues will be directly converted into Swiss francs.

This approach is similar to the approach of Swiss municipalities such as Zug or Lugano, where citizens have been able to pay taxes or government services with Bitcoin for some time.

Liechtenstein is a small country with a wide diversity in Europe and a well-connected international financial centre. It has a high level of political continuity and stability, liberal economic policy, legal certainty and rapid decision-making.

It also has a customs and currency union with Switzerland since 1924 and free access to the European market as a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1995. The country offers a range of financial services to national and international investors such as banking, wealth management, insurance, funds, trusts and foundations.

*Not investment advice.

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