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A Cryptocurrency Whale Seems to Have Gave Up: He Sent All His Coins to Binance and Lost $732K

According to the data, a cryptocurrency whale sent all its altcoins to Binance and apparently lost a large amount of money.

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A cryptocurrency whale, which suddenly turned into a bear, apparently sent and sold all its assets worth $ 2.52 million to Binance.

The altcoin whale deposited 934,524 Arbitrum tokens at $0.959 ($896k), 514,122 Lido DAO tokens at $1,603 ($824,000) and 172,585 Uniswap tokens at $4,607 ($795,000) on Binance.

According to the data, when the previous transactions of the whale are examined, it is seen that it has suffered a loss in general. The whale, which also traded Aave and Ethereum before, earned only $16,100 with 1.46% from AAVE. It has lost all its remaining transactions. Among them, Ethereum suffered a loss of 3.49% and made a loss of $ 166,000.

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In its trading today, the whale lost 8.40% ($82,200) on Arbitrum, 22.1% ($233,000) on Lido Finance and 25.1% ($266,000) on UniSwap. The whale's total damage, including the previous ones, was $732,000.

The crypto money market experienced a sudden regression in the week we are in, and Bitcoin declined to $ 25,300.

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