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$95 Million Altcoin Transfer Received from Terra, Which Reached an Agreement with the SEC: Here Are Those Altcoins

Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) transferred 1.974 million AVAX worth $71.2 million and 39,499 thousand BNB worth $23.5 million.

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Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) recently made a sudden large transfer of altcoins.

While it is noteworthy that this transfer came after the preliminary agreement with the SEC, a wallet belonging to LFG sent 1,974 million AVAX worth $ 71.2 million and 39,499 thousand BNB worth $ 23.5 million to a new address starting with “0x134” about 4 hours ago. transferred.

While this move increased speculation about LFG's future plans and what the real reason behind the transfers was, it appeared that this was a move made to make LFG's assets even safer.

Because Luna Foundation recently announced its direct storage plan. At this point, it appears that LFG has transferred Avalanche and BNBs to a new address to gain greater security through direct custody.

While signaling these transfers in its post, LFG stated that it aimed to increase the security of the funds.

While it remains unclear whether these transfers were made within the scope of the preliminary agreement reached with the SEC, the details of the agreement will not be announced until the official applications in June, but experts expect the agreement to include a significant amount of financial compensation.

As it is known, the US SEC demanded heavy fines and a permanent ban from the securities industry for Terraform Labs and its founder Do Kwon in the lawsuit it filed.

According to Arkham data, the address marked Luna Foundation Guard still contained 313 Bitcoin (BTC) worth approximately $21.3 million, 50,368 EThereum (ETH) worth $188.5 thousand, and small amounts of various altcoins.

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