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6 Cryptocurrency Whales Made Up To 5800 Percent Profits In This Memecoin – Here Are Their Transactions

According to data provided by Arkham, whales made significant profits in this memecoin.

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In a surprising display of the nature of cryptocurrencies, Solana-based memecoin Book of Meme (BOME) surpassed $1 billion market cap in just 2 and a half days.

However, now the BOME wind seems to have calmed down and the market value of the altcoin has decreased to around 700 million dollars.

So which cryptocurrency wallets made incredible gains during this memecoin's rise from zero? Here are the wallet addresses compiled by the cryptocurrency analysis company Arkham.

5BXKt: from $3,400 to $202,400 (+5800%)

5BXKt made a single purchase of BOME for 20 SOL just half an hour after BOME was launched. So far, he has made $40,000 in profit by selling only twice. He currently holds $160 thousand of this coin.

2gnMf: from $11,700 to $349,100 (+2880%)

2gnMf is one of the most active among these 6 investors and has made many small trades as BOME gains momentum. He bought again about a day and a half after the launch and made a profit of $120 thousand at the peak of BOME. He sold his remaining tokens for a total of almost 350 thousand dollars.

2uEqP: $23,700 to $683,300 (+2880%)

The 2uEqP short address wallet purchased almost $24k worth of BOME within its first hour of launch. He then sent these tokens to a separate wallet and sold them within 2 days for a profit of over 650 thousand dollars and never took them back. If he had held these tokens until now, they would be worth $1.8 million.

Felsey: $14k to $810,500k (+5690%)

The cryptocurrency wallet nicknamed 'felsey' has one of the highest returns on investment of this entire group. He purchased a total of $14k worth of BOME and made only one sale in the first 48 hours for $74k. He sold approximately $375K worth of BOME near the peak and currently holds approximately $376K worth of the token at current prices.

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8W6uz: $23,600K to $1.1M (+4600%)

This trader with short address 8W6uz made over a million dollars on BOME by buying under $25 thousand. Interestingly, BOME did not sell a single token until it rose 100x from its purchase. Even then, he only sold $370k worth of BOME and still holds around $700k worth of tokens.

Sundayfunday: From $72K to $17,400M (Pre-Open Sale Purchase)

The cryptocurrency wallet nicknamed 'sundayfunday' was the largest address of the BOME pre-sale with 420.69 SOL ($72 thousand). It has sold $7.2 million worth of tokens so far (perhaps doing so deliberately to realize 100 times its original investment) and currently holds $10.2 million in BOME.

However, it should not be forgotten that although there are winners in memecoins, there are many more losing cryptocurrency users.

*This is not investment advice.

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