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29 Thousand Bitcoin and 230 Thousand Ethereum Options Will Expire Tomorrow! What Does It Mean for BTC and ETH?

According to the data, 29,000 BTC and 230,000 ETH options will expire on December 1.

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While Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, could not hold on to the level of $ 38,000 and fell back to $ 37,700, all eyes turned to Bitcoin and Ethereum options that will expire tomorrow, December 1.

According to the news of Singapore-based crypto options data platform, 29,000 BTC and 230,000 ETH options will expire.

Accordingly, while the Put/Call Ratio of BTC options is 0.58, the maximum loss point is $37,000 and the notional value is $1.13 billion.

Looking at Ethereum, ETH options have a Put/Call Ratio of 0.49, a maximum loss point of $2,100, and a notional value of $470 million.

“Volatility levels in cryptocurrencies have dropped significantly this week.

BTC reached $38,000 three times in November after last week's monthly close, but as a result could not maintain its position.

When we look at the option data, we can see that the put/call ratio is low.

This shows that the main transactions this week are focused on buying and the Maxpain level is approaching the current market price.

As the rally becomes more and more calm, the option's skew level gradually decreases.

“While bullish expectations are focused on January ETF approvals, fewer and fewer investors are bullish on the near-term rally.”

The put/call ratio is calculated by dividing the number of put options by the number of call options. A ratio below 1 means there are more purchases than puts, indicating an upward trend.

A ratio above 1 means there are more put options than call options, indicating a bearish trend. A ratio close to 1 means the market is balanced or neutral.

For Bitcoin, this rate is 0.58; For Ethereum it appears as 0.49. Accordingly, although these rates are close to 1 level, they indicate an upward trend for BTC and ETH. However, time will tell how these rates will affect the price.

*This is not investment advice.

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