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Why Did Bitcoin Drop? Which Altcoin Has Seen the Most Liquidation While Bitcoin Is Falling?

Bitcoin lost 3% in 1 hour.

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Bitcoin, which has been struggling to protect $30,000 for a while, has lost this level in the last 1 hour.

While Bitcoin regressed to $29,000 with a $1000 drop in a short time, we see that the losses in altcoins are around 10% on average.

Ethereum, which had risen to $2140 after the Shanghai upgrade, also fell to $1967 with this decline.

At the moment, we see that there is no news feed that could cause a drop in Bitcoin, and that the drop is a correction of the rise in price in recent weeks.

With the sharp decline in Bitcoin, there has been a serious increase in the liquidations that have taken place in the last 1 hour.

While 166 million dollar position was liquidated in the last hour, 97% of it was long positions.

In the last 1 hour long liquidations, Ethereum has outstripped Bitcoin. Investors who longed Ethereum with high leverage, especially when the price exceeded $2000, were liquidated with this decline.

During this decline, liquidations in Ethereum stood at $35 million, while liquidations in Bitcoin remained at $25 million.

The liquidations in other altcoins are as follows:

Investors wondering where the decline in Bitcoin will stop will watch if there is a reaction from the $27800-$28500 region if the decline continues.

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