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While FTX Solana Continues Its Sales, SOL Continues to Stay Strong! What Are Analysts' Target for Solana?

While FTX's Solana sales continue, analysts remain hopeful about Solana.

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While FTX continues to sell its remaining crypto assets, a large amount of transfers were made to the exchanges today.

According to on-chain data, while FTX moved the majority of Solana assets to the exchanges, the popular platform Spot on Chain announced that FTX and Alameda-affiliated wallets transferred approximately $40 million to the exchanges in the last 24 hours.

While this latest transfer is a continuation of the large transfers that have taken place in the last few weeks, FTX and Alameda transferred 7 altcoins worth $ 38.5 million to the exchanges.

Accordingly, FTX; 750 thousand SOLs valued at $31.2 million, 325,501 ENS valued at $2.76 million, 10.1 million GMTs valued at $2.22 million, 642,702 LDOs valued at $1.26 million, 288,211 APEs valued at $410 thousand, $365 thousand He carried 27,407 BADGER worth 27,407 and 555,342 BNT worth 323 thousand dollars.

Spot on Chain stated that FTX and Alameda transferred 36 altcoins worth a total of $350 million to the exchanges as of November 8.

Spot on Chain also added that FTX deposited 250k SOL worth $10.83 million to Binance at $43.32 about 2 hours ago.

Accordingly, Spot on Chain stated that FTX has deposited 5.74 million SOL worth approximately 223 million dollars to the exchanges so far and added: “FTX has only 1.25 million SOL worth 54.5 million dollars left.” said.

Although FTX's sell-off of Solana continues, SOL bulls continue to ease the selling pressure on the altcoin.

Analysts state that at this point, SOL follows a rising channel model and has entered an upward trend, stating that Solana broke an important resistance around $28 for the first time since July and made a significant rise.

While analysts think that SOL can reach $ 50 if it continues its upward momentum, Kaiko stated that Solana showed a good performance against Ethereum and said that the SOL / ETH rate has shown a consistent increase since September.

“Since September, SOL has been by far the outperformer; the SOL to ETH ratio jumped from 0.011 to almost 0.025, breaking the ratio just before the FTX crash.”

SOL continues to trade at $43.6 at the time of writing.

*This is not investment advice.

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