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Whales Confused In This Altcoin! Someone Bought, Someone Sold at Loss!

BLUR has increased by 20% after the Binance news yesterday. Investors $1 income? came into expectation.

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With its increasing popularity recently, BLUR, which rivals the largest NFT market Opensea, remains on the agenda.

After Binance launched futures contracts for BLUR with up to 20x leverage yesterday, the price had a nice uptrend and the price had jumped close to 20%.

Yesterday, we reported that the whale density on BLUR increased and large purchases were made at $0.60 levels.

Whales Confused

The whales split as investors wondered if the rally in BLUR would continue. While a whale was buying at $0.72 levels, a whale sold with a loss of approximately $295 thousand.

A whale bought 1.39 million BLUR at $0.72 about 9 hours ago, according to Lookonchain data.

The whale Luggis.eth sold 1.77 million BLUR tokens at $0.68 7 hours ago. Luggis sold these BLURs at a loss of $295k.

BLUR, which rose rapidly after the Binance news, but could not stay above the $0.72 level, is trying to maintain $ 0.70 as of our news hour.

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