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Whale, whose Altcoin Bought ATH, Became a Millionaire! Afterwards, He Received a New Mem Token for the First Time! Is Rally Near Again?

A smart whale capitalized on the rise in PEPE and made a profit of $3.47 million on the sale. Afterwards, SHIB bought it.

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The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has made a tremendous rise in the last few days, exceeding $64,000.

While this rise in BTC mobilized the entire cryptocurrency market, mem tokens also made good gains.

Accordingly, the largest meme token, Dogecoin, increased by 32% in the last 24 hours and exceeded $ 0.1. Apart from DOGE, PEPE also recorded an increase of approximately 10% in the last 24 hours, and a smart whale evaluated this rise.

According to Spot on Chain's post, a smart whale took advantage of the rise in PEPE and sent the entire 1.97T PEPE (worth $6.06 million) to Binance, making a profit of $3.47 million.

Additionally, the giant whale purchased SHIB from Binsnce after the sale of PEPE. This move of the whale brought to mind the question of whether a SHIP rally is imminent.

“After PEPE reached the new ATH, smart whale (0x37d) deposited the entire 1.97T PEPE ($6.06 million) on Binance about 7 hours ago and earned $3.47 million (+135%) if he actually sold it .

Moreover, the whale bought 75.91B SHIB (worth $893 thousand) from Binance for the first time about 1 hour ago. Is there a bullish expectation for a SHIB pump soon?

PEPE is at $0.000002991 at the time of writing; SHIB continues to be traded at $0.00001396.

*This is not investment advice.

Buradaki Yorumlardan Bildirim Al

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