Crypto NewsBitcoinWhale Wallet Transfers 162 Million Dollars of Bitcoin (BTC) to Binance!

Whale Wallet Transfers 162 Million Dollars of Bitcoin (BTC) to Binance!

A large cryptocurrency whale transferred 5,791 Bitcoins worth $162 million to Binance.

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A large amount of Bitcoin (BTC), valued at more than $162 million, was transferred from an unknown wallet to the crypto exchange Binance. The transaction, involving a total of 5,791 BTC, was spotted by blockchain tracker Whale Alert and reported on Twitter.

However, it was noteworthy that the transactions in question came from a level where the BTC price was lower than in the past days. BTC price is trading at approximately $28,000 at the time of this writing.

CoinMarketCap chart showing the change in BTC price in the last 1 week.

The whale account received its total balance of approximately 10,000 BTC in December 2022.

The whale in question still has 4,209 Bitcoins worth $117 million in its wallet.

Again, a whale that had been sleeping for about 10 years and had bought BTC at a low level of 12 dollars recently woke up and started trading.

*Not investment advice.

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