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Watch Out: Major Conference Will Be Held Today That Could Affect Three Altcoins

An important conference will be held today that may affect three major altcoins. Here are the details.

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Blockchain gaming industry, one of the important themes of the 2021 bull, one of the big bulls of the cryptocurrency world, will reach an important peak tomorrow.

The 'Web3 Games Summit' organized by Yield Guild Games (YGG) may bring important announcements for some altcoins.

Representatives of Axie Infinity (AXS), Yield Guild Games (YGG) and The Sandbox (SAND) will give speeches at the summit. However, increases in whale movements were also detected before the peak.

In the AXS altcoin, the top 20 wallets hold 261 million AXS tokens, or almost $2 billion. This corresponds to 96.76% of the total supply. In a cryptocurrency where large wallets are so active, it is extra important to follow whale movements.

A whale bought 25,871 AXS ($158,000) from the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange two days ago and transferred it to his cold wallet. The same whale has also been accumulating altcoins RNDR, MATIC, TVK, PYR, PEPE, GRT and IMX, some of which have trending themes lately.

On the other hand, the top 20 wallets of the YGG altcoin hold 932.6 million YGG ($373.56 million) tokens, accounting for 93.26% of the YGG supply. The whale with short wallet address 0x6dd2 accumulated 1.11 million YGG ($440,000) from Binance from February 12 to November 16.

Another YGG whale collected $257,000 in tokens from November 9 to November 16.

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In the SAND altcoin, the 20 largest cryptocurrency wallets own 80% of the total supply, making SAND the most decentralized among these three altcoins. SAND's largest wallet is Upbit, South Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchange, which owns 17.05% of the total supply.

The Sandbox developer team wallet recently transferred 10 million SAND tokens worth $4.4 million to Binance and the same amount of other token stash to a whale wallet.

The whale with short address 0x3166 deposited 1.13 million SAND ($500 thousand) to Binance 4 days ago with a loss of $468,000 (-48%), and then withdrew 1.02 million SAND ($434,000) from Binance 1 day ago.

*This is not investment advice.

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