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US Senator Ted Cruz Says I'm On An Incredible Rise In Bitcoin And Announces How Many BTC He Has!

US Bitcoin-friendly Senator Ted Cruz explained to the audience that he is in favor of the bull for BTC in his statement.

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Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz talked about Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in his latest statement.

Ted Cruz revealed that he is incredibly excited about Bitcoin (BTC) and is equally incredibly bullish.

Cruz said that these views apply to BTC in particular, but he thinks similarly about cryptocurrencies in general.

Cruz stated that Bitcoin is clearly the leader of the crypto space as it is the first crypto and also the most dominant crypto asset.

The Senator then said that the digital gold analogy for BTC was strong.

Cruz explained that he is also a BTC investor, he has a total of 2 BTC in his wallet, and he buys a little more every Monday. Cruz also said that he managed to get the BTCs he bought from the bottom level and that he was very satisfied with this situation.

However, the senator stated that he is a long-term investor, that the volatility in the BTC price is not a problem for him, and that he is aware that there may be periods of rise and fall.

Cruz explained that part of his interest in BTC is that it serves as a hedge against inflation.

*Not investment advice.

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