Crypto NewsBitcoinUS Government Moves 9318 Bitcoins! Is Sales Coming?

US Government Moves 9318 Bitcoins! Is Sales Coming?

Mobility in wallet linked to the US government.

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It was claimed that Bitcoins, which were thought to be linked to the US government and Silkroad wallets, took action.

According to on-chain data, 9318 Bitcoins were moved to a different wallet.

The US government had previously sold Bitcoins linked to the Silkroad case by sending it to Coinbase. It is not yet known whether this transfer is related to a new sale.

Update 17.42:

BTC transfers continue to queue up on the network. Warnings will likely be issued on other platforms after the transfer is made and approved. If the transaction is not approved, we will provide a re-update.

Update 17:50:

9318 Bitcoin transfers have been verified on the network. Arkham also confirmed the transfer.

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