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They Rented a Cryptocurrency Account for 6 Thousand TL and Made a Highlight of 10 Billion Liras!

Masak bet deciphered the working system of the organization.

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While the Financial Crimes Investigation Board (Masak) deciphered the illegal betting organization worth approximately 10 billion liras, it blocked the bank, electronic money and crypto money exchange accounts of 2 thousand people.

Masak, who followed the gambling and betting gangs, deciphered the gang, which includes 2,000 people and manages a traffic of 10 billion liras.

According to the news of Anadolu Agency, the gang, which has ensnared many people, uses rental accounts to launder the money it earns through illegal betting.

It was stated that the money deposited on the betting sites did not go to a corporate account, and the young people reached via social media were opened bank, electronic money and crypto money accounts and the money was laundered through these people.

It was stated that a betting organization manages hundreds or even thousands of accounts at the same time. Account holders take a big risk when renting their accounts for 5-6 thousand TL per month.

According to the information obtained by Masak, the money collected from the users who place bets goes to the sub-collectors first. Then the money accumulated here is transferred to the accounts in the next level. In this way, it is stated that the money moving towards the upper levels passes through 5-10 levels.

Deciphering the dirty game of the betting gang, MASAK states that its target is the people at the top of this organization, but it becomes difficult to reach these people because people rent their accounts.

MASAK, which also warns the people who rent their accounts, stated that they are facing the threat of criminal investigation.

"The accounts of high-level organizers are blocked, but it is possible that those who rented their accounts in exchange for small sums during the investigations may also be harmed due to their participation in the crime. At the beginning of these losses are the deterioration of the criminal record and the inability to open an account in the bank easily.

Do not rent your accounts, do not tarnish your future"

In the statement, it was stated that fraudsters also actively use crypto money exchanges and the exchanges have been fined 50 million liras to date.

"Currently, while electronic money companies are inspected by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey and MASAK, there is no authority other than MASAK to supervise crypto exchanges. Since the first inspections that started in May 2021, more than 20 crypto exchanges have been inspected, with hefty fines of up to 50 million liras to date. cut off."

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