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The Update Regarding the Problems in the Ethereum Network for Two Days Has Been Released!

A hotfix patch has been released by the developers regarding the finality issues on the Ethereum network for a while.

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Ethereum (ETH) developers have recently released two major software updates to fix the finality issues affecting the beacon chain.

The beacon chain is the foundation of Ethereum 2.0, the network upgrade that migrates ETH from a proof-of-work consensus mechanism to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Finality is a measure of how secure and irreversible the blocks in the chain are.

The Beacon chain experienced finality issues on Thursday and Friday, but ETH users did not encounter any transaction issues.

In a statement from the Ethereum Foundation, "This has been possible due to client diversity, as not all client applications are affected by this exceptional scenario. After all clients realized the situation, the network took its final form again."

The Ethereum Foundation said the exact cause of the finality issues is still being investigated, but "This appears to be due to the high load on some consensus layer clients, which is an exceptional scenario," he said.

The Prysm team quickly identified and fixed the bug and released a hotfix on Friday. The team urged all Prysm users to update their nodes as soon as possible:

“We are announcing v4.0.3-hotfix. This release includes optimization to avoid high resource usage of beacon node at peak times. Updating is highly recommended if your node is under heavy usage.”

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