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The ICO Whale Who Bought 250,000 Ethereum at $0.30 Forgot His Password! Great Reward Offered to Anyone Who Helps!

It turned out that the owner of the wallet, which contained 250,000 ETH and had no transactions in the last nine years, was Rain Lohmus, founder of Estonia-based LHV Bank.

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According to Cointelegraph, Coinbase director Conor Grogan shared a post quoting his post in February.

Conor Grogan, who shared the wallet containing 250,000 ETH in February and without any transactions in the last nine years, said in his new post that the owner of this address is Rain Lohmus, founder of Estonia-based LHV Bank.

Noting Coinbase director Rain Lohmus' statement during a recent interview, “It's no secret that I have a wallet containing 250,000 Ethereum units, anyone can calculate its value for themselves,” he said:

“A mystery has been solved: This address, which currently holds $450 million worth of cryptocurrency, belongs to LHV Bank founder Rain Lohmus.

Unfortunately, he lost the password to the wallet and cannot access these 100 million. If anyone can somehow help recover the ETH in question, Rain Lohmus will be willing to share some of it.”

It was stated that Rain Lohmus participated in the Ethereum ICO in 2014 and purchased the ETHs in question for $ 75,000.

While the current value of these ETHs reaches approximately $ 450 million, Lohmus stated that he could not access his ETHs because he forgot his wallet password and said, “It is impossible for me to handle the password problem alone. If someone thinks they can solve it, I will accept all their offers.”

While Lohmus's wallet currently has a profit of 628,757%, Coinbase director Grogan said that Lohmus's wallet also contains other tokens from airdrops.

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Alex Friedman

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