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The Ethereum Whale, which has not been wrong until today, has received ETH from this level!

Ethereum activity is happening in whales.

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While the positive news from the Ripple case increases the risk appetite for altcoins, there is Ethereum activity in whales.

Attracted 17K Ethereum in a Short Time

According to Lookonchain data, cryptocurrency trading company Cumberland pulled $58.6 million USDC from Circle after the news of XRP and deposited them in Binance.

The company soon pulled 17,000 Ethereum ($34 million) from Binance and Coinbase.

Smart Whale Gets Ethereum Again

Following the Ripple news, another smart whale bought 4833 ETH using $9.7 million DAI, averaging $2004.

The smart whale's previous trades often show that it's making a move in the right place.

According to the findings of Lookonchain, the same whale sold 7500 ETH during the rally in January and bought 9691 ETH when the USDC spike was experienced. The same whale sold 5190 ETH on June 7 before the ETH price dropped. It was noteworthy that the smart whale made its purchases and sales at ideal points.

Source: Lookonchain

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