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The Analyst Who Says Bitcoin Is Laying The Ground For The Rise Announces The BTC Target!

The popular analyst evaluated Bitcoin's price movements.

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Bitcoin, which approached $ 30,000 yesterday, experienced a sharp decline after the unfounded news in the evening.

While investors were wondering when BTC, which is struggling to regain $30,000, will rise above $30,000 again and continue to rise, well-known crypto analyst CrediBULL Crypto shared his predictions for BTC price.

Stating that it is a good sign for BTC to consolidate below $30,000, the analyst claimed that the longer BTC stays between $25,000-30,000, the sooner the new ATH will come.

“I am happy that BTC stays below $30,000 as long as possible before the next bullish phase begins.

Because the more time we spend between $25,000-30,000, the less time we spend on the new ATH path this year to reach $40,000, $50,000 and $60,000."

Bitcoin, which has seen a tremendous increase since the beginning of 2023, exceeded $ 30,000 on April 11 and remained above $ 30,000 until April 19, when it began to fall.

During about a week of decline, BTC pinned below $27,000.

BTC, which rose above $ 30,000 with the rise experienced yesterday, rose to $ 29,900, but this rise did not last long. Bitcoin fell by about 7% in just 1 hour and fell to $ 27,200 in the ongoing decline.

It was understood that behind the sharp fall of Bitcoin, there were erroneous statements that there was activity in the wallets of the US government and Mt.

*Not investment advice.

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