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PEPE Team, Fighting Internal Conflicts, Issues New Announcements

In PEPE, which experienced a significant setback in August due to intra-team conflicts, new statements came from the team.

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New statements have been made for PEPE, which recently made large sales from its official team's multisig wallets due to some internal disputes.

As it is known, after the sale made by the PEPE team, there was a long silence and no statement was made by the team. In the subsequent statements, it was reported that there were some malicious people among the token developers and that they were not part of the team after selling the tokens.

In their announcement from the official X account today, the developers announced that their Telegram accounts were hacked and are no longer under their control. In addition, they reported that the “lordkeklol” X account close to the PEPE team was also compromised.

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They said that fraudulent content was shared from the X account in question and that a complaint should be made.

In addition, the PEPE cryptocurrency team announced that they will open a new Telegram account and from now on they will share all official announcements on X.

The token, which has experienced a decrease in value after the events, is trading at $ 0.0000007861 at the time of this writing. The price before the events was around $0.000001.

*This is not investment advice.

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