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Did the US Government Really Sell Bitcoin? We Reviewed On-chain Data, Here’s the Latest Information!

Did the incident of the US government selling Bitcoin, which is claimed to be the cause of the decline in Bitcoin, really happened?

Hot Development: Coinbase Adds A New Altcoin To Its Roadmap To List!

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase shared on its official Twitter account that it has added a new altcoin to its roadmap to list.

US Congressman Tom Emmer Talks About Bitcoin (BTC): "A Great Opportunity for the USA"

US Congressman from the State of Minnesota, Tom Emmer, made a statement about Bitcoin (BTC) at the summit he attended.

Remarkable Clarifications About Crypto From FCA Administrator!

Sarah Pritchard, executive director of the Financial Conduct Authority, spoke about the current state of the crypto industry.

Why Bitcoin Price Is Falling: There Is A Last Minute Development, The Decline Is Due To The US Government!

According to the cryptocurrency analysis platform, US government-linked Bitcoin wallets have started to process transactions.

Bitcoin Price Sudden Sharp Drop: Is This the Source of the Drop?

After the sudden drop in Bitcoin price, investors started to research the source of the decrease.