Crypto NewsAltcoinNew Trend Meme Token Top of Discussion: Founder Freezes Some Whale Accounts!

New Trend Meme Token Top of Discussion: Founder Freezes Some Whale Accounts!

The founder of the new popular meme token caused some controversy in the cryptocurrency market when some whale accounts were frozen.

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The new meme token Pepe (PEPE), which came to the fore with the big rise it experienced a short time ago, is being talked about this time with the last action of its founder.

According to the data, the smart contract that forms the infrastructure of the PEPE token has the feature of blacklisting the crypto money addresses that the founder wishes. Blacklisted addresses cannot move their PEPE tokens.

Meme Token PEPE Founder Freezes $1M Wallet

The PEPE founder recently used this feature and blacklisted a wallet with approximately $1 million worth of PEPE altcoins.

With this development, the suspicions around the newly launched PEPE began to increase. Users argue that the altcoin founder has such a large authority that it centralizes the PEPE token ecosystem.

The address the founder blacklisted is one of the early PEPE purchasers. The wallet in question paid a total of $27 in PEPE tokens.

In a truly decentralized system, there should be no single point of control or authority. Instead, power is distributed to a network of nodes and decisions are made through consensus mechanisms.

In addition, as we recently reported as, there is a huge whale dominance in the PEPE token. A large number of early PEPE wallets, possibly belonging to the founding team, hold a significant portion of the token supply.

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