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New Offer for SUSHI from SushiSwap CEO!

SushiSwap's new CEO Jared Gray has released a new offering for its native token SUSHI.

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Jared Gray, the new CEO of popular decentralized exchange SushiSwap, has released a new proposal for its native token SUSHI.

Stating that they aim to strengthen SUSHI's ongoing success and contribute to its growth, the CEO said that this offer is aimed at improving SUSHI's token model and that they want the feedback of the community for this offer.

“We are seeking feedback on our latest effort to improve Sushi's token model, aiming to strengthen its role in the ongoing success of the protocol and contribute to its growth.

Since its launch, Sushi has been at the forefront of tokenomics with initiatives such as MasterChef and xSushi.

We aim to deliver a token model that leads us to a sustainable growth path and long-term strategy.

The new token model offering has several objectives, which are to increase liquidity, promote sustainable growth, increase the sustainability of the protocol, support the SUSHI utility, and diversify the treasury for strong financial operations.

“At this point, we are committed to increasing liquidity, offering non-dilutive token rewards, creating a balanced token supply, and ensuring Sushi remains competitive.”

The new token economy proposal released by SushiSwap CEO is “Providing a primary source of income from transactions in liquidity pools, providing income from trading fees through the Aggregation Router, providing potential income from staking rewards, providing income growth opportunities through strategic partnerships.” includes innovations.

SUSHI recorded an increase of approximately 5% after the said offer and rose to just over 1 dollar. SUSHI continues to trade at $0.999 at the time of writing.

*This is not investment advice.

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