Crypto NewsAltcoinJustin Sun Announces Action For This Altcoin, Price Rises!

Justin Sun Announces Action For This Altcoin, Price Rises!

Famous CEO HT took action about the person who prevented the token from rising.

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Justin Sun talked about his new plans after making a series of claims regarding the Huobi exchange's native token HT.

The famous CEO, who shared on Twitter, stated that during the first issuance of the HT token, Huobi coin Li Lin gave a large number of free HT tokens to his brother Li Wei, and Wei suppressed the price by constantly selling these tokens.

Sun stated that they took action as a community to solve this problem and started negotiations to take back and destroy the said HT tokens from Wei. Sun added that this is a fair move that is in the best interest of the HT token community.

HT Token, which has lost 33% since April, experienced an increase of 10% after Sun's share.

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