Crypto NewsAltcoinJUST IN: 5,000 Ethereum Allegedly Stolen from Huobi's Hot Wallets!

JUST IN: 5,000 Ethereum Allegedly Stolen from Huobi's Hot Wallets!

Cyvers Alerts claimed that one of the Huobi exchange's hot wallets was hacked and 5,000 ETH was stolen.

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Blockchain security platform Cyvers Alerts claimed in its post on its Twitter account that one of the hot wallets of the Huobi exchange was hacked.

Accordingly, the attacker who hacked the wallet of the HTX (Huobi) exchange stole 5,000 Ethereum (ETH).

“Red alert! We detected a suspicious transaction.

Although we tried to reach out, we did not receive any response. However, an attacker took 5,000 ETH (worth $7.9 million) from Huobi Global's hot wallet.

We confirmed that one of their hot wallets was compromised, resulting in a loss of $7.9 million.

Hacker address etherscan: '0xdb1D74467c9042517A354304256E0d658D8AEC83'

Huobi Global offers a 5% reward to the hacker.”


Justin Sun made the following statement about the hack attack:

HTX lost 5,000 ETH (worth $8 million) due to the hacker attack. Huobi HTX has fully assumed the losses caused by this attack and successfully resolved all related issues. All user assets are safe and the platform operates completely normally.

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