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Important Development for Those Who Have Money in FTX: A New Step From Justin Sun!

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A new step has come from Justin Sun, the founder of Tron (TRX) and the de facto owner of Huobi and Poloniex exchanges, for those who have money left in the failed cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

Justin Sun: "FTX Customers Will Be able to View Account Balances on Huobi or Poloniex"

Sun said that from now on, FTX account balances can be viewed by users on Huobi and Poloniex exchanges.

According to Sun's tweet, FTX customers will be able to see the balances they have on Huobi or Poloniex with the customer code given to them.

Sun said it obtained data on FTX customers' balances from FTX's credit representative Kroll's public statement and created a tool for FTX customers to quickly and easily inquire about their assets.

Sun also said that if customers don't know their customer code, they can try to do a vague search with the currencies and approximate amounts they hold in their FTX accounts.

Sun claimed that it is doing this as a socially responsible crypto exchange with global influence and stands by the affected users.

However, Sun said that there may be customers who cannot find their balance on the exchange, because the publicly disclosed data does not yet cover all FTX users.

Sun also added that he is also an FTX creditor:

“I am a creditor of FTX and we are committed to working with the community to ensure that both FTX users and creditors can get back as much of their assets as possible.”

*Not investment advice.

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