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Helium Successfully Completes Migration to Solana Network

Helium, one of the original projects of the blockchain industry, announced that it has completed its transition to the Solana network as of today.

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Crypto-based wireless network project Helium has completely separated from its layer-1 network after a long process. In a statement today, officials emphasized that the Helium ecosystem will now be shaped on the Solana blockchain.

Helium aims to make new breakthroughs in order to have different usage areas on Solana, the leading smart contract network. For the transition of the project to the SOL network, 990 thousand NFTs are produced to represent each physical "node" running on Helium.

Owners of WiFi hotspots working as authenticators on the network will soon gain access to their digital artworks. After the transition to Solana, the validators were free to switch positions or remain stationary.

Solana's NFT Advantage

According to current data from market tracker Flipside Crypto, more than 150,000 NFTs have already been produced as of today. The production of large volumes of digital artwork has once again brought to light the advantages of the Solana network.

According to data from the Solana Foundation, the cost of producing 1 million NFTs on SOL is only around $113. However, in Ethereum, the most popular smart contract network, this figure hovers around $253,000.

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