Crypto NewsAltcoinHacker Attack Shock In This Altcoin: Two Coins Sudden Drop In Price!

Hacker Attack Shock In This Altcoin: Two Coins Sudden Drop In Price!

It has been learned that the token contract of this altcoin was abused by a hacker. After the development, there was a decrease in the token price.

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The DEI altcoin, a stablecoin project owned by Deus Finance, has been hacked on the Arbitrum network.

The DEI token has been hacked before and has already lost its $1 stable. The token was pegged at $0.30 recently and lost that peg after the attack. It was learned that the source of the attack was a fundamental implementation error in the token contract.

A core implementation error in the token contract is a bug in the code of the token contract that affects the functionality or security of the contract.

For example, a fundamental implementation flaw in the token contract of the DEI stablecoin allowed anyone to issue new DEI tokens without any restrictions or controls. This allowed a hacker to abuse the token contract and manipulate the price of the DEI.

Saldırının ardından DEI fiyatında yaşanan düşüşü gösteren grafik.

Deus Finance is a project that aims to provide general access to enterprise-grade blockchain derivatives. It provides the framework for optimistic on-chain digital derivatives such as synthetic stocks, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

Chart showing the drop in DEUS price after the attack.

DEI is used as collateral for every financial instrument and protocol built on the Deus Finance infrastructure.

*Not investment advice.

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