Crypto NewsAltcoinGerman Investment Bank Evaluates Bitcoin! Warning Against Altcoins!

German Investment Bank Evaluates Bitcoin! Warning Against Altcoins!

Berenberg analysts said that Bitcoin is seen as a logical alternative to other cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin is struggling to get back the $30,000 level after the volatile movements it has experienced in recent days.

While investors are looking forward to BTC to exceed $30,000, Berenberg, one of the leading banks in Germany, evaluated Bitcoin's performance.

Berenberg analysts stated that BTC may regain its interest in cryptocurrencies in the next few months, which it has lost in recent years.

Noting that Bitcoin is different from other cryptos, Berenberg analyst Mark Palmer said that US regulators are putting pressure on the crypto industry.

“Nearly every token is at risk of being stigmatized as a security and sanctioned as US regulators put pressure on the industry.

But the only exception is Bitcoin, which, thanks to the decentralization that stems from the design of the Blockchain protocol, is considered a commodity rather than a security by the SEC and other regulators.”

Evaluating the rise BTC has experienced in recent months, the analyst said that this increase is a sign that more investors accept Bitcoin as a logical alternative not only among cryptocurrencies, but also in the context of global finance.

The Sensible Alternative for Institutional Bitcoin Investors: "MSTR!"

In another report, Berenberg analysts argued that MicroStrategy stock MSTR is a good alternative for institutional investors looking to invest in Bitcoin.

Stating that MSTR has a unique position among institutional investors who want to take advantage of the increase in the price of BTC, Berenberg made the following statements in the report:

“MicroStrategy shares offer an attractive and sensible option for institutional investors seeking exposure to Bitcoin amid ongoing regulatory pressure.

Bitcoin emerged as a safe haven relative to other cryptocurrencies.

MicroStrategy stocks are poised to rise further as investors increasingly turn to Bitcoin as an alternative currency amid macroeconomic fears."

*Not investment advice.

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